Thursday, March 11, 2010


01/11/10 - My Blog is a space where to share Daily Stories. Stories of each of us, stories of others, simple stories, universal stories, daily stories. Today I become confirmed in my interest and curiosity for the life of others, their experiences, their cultures, their daily living, what they eat, what they cook, their opinions about almost is for me of an enormous fascination to be able to enter, even though momentarily, in the life of others.

My Blog es un espacio donde poder compartir Historias Diarias. Historias de cada uno, de otros, historias simples, cotidianas, universales. Hoy he reafirmado mi interes y curiosidad por la vida de otros, por sus experiencias, sus culturas, su diario vivir, lo que comen, lo que cocinan, sus produce una enorme fascinacion el poder entrar, aunque sea por un momento, en la vida de otros.

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