Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Society in Fear

I am writing this post based on my own experience. We live in a society in fear.

I am originally from Argentina, living in the United States for the past 11 years. On all these years living in this country I have managed on keeping a quite good driving record with no tickets in my favor, until one year ago. I passed from being a good citizen to becoming a risk to society.

In the past year I got two tickets, a non full stop on a right turn red light and a questionable not allowed u-turn. None of these tickets are related to speeding. As a consequence of these tickets I got two points on my DMV driving record. I have paid my tickets as a good citizen.

Well apparently I am not a good citizen, at least not for the DMV of Sacramento, California. I received a "warning letter", yes it sounds scary. The letter is basically saying that my record shows I am a bad driver and my record places me at increased risk of causing crashes,injury and death. I am being pre-judged as a possible criminal in the future.

So they, the DMV personnel, offered me a choice. It was very nice of them. Quoting verbatim the response from the DMV: "I can choose to prevent further action from DMV by avoiding additional traffic convictions and by not causing any crashes. However, if I choose to continue my unsafe driving, the penalties will increase and eventually lead to probation, suspension or revocation of my driving privilege".

Fear is the word in what we leave. Fear from our goverment, from our institutions, from our public system. At the begining I had fear, now I reject this fear.

I am fearless, I am citizen of this country, and a good one.

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